Friday, April 25, 2008

Watch Mediacorp Past Drama Serials Online For Free Anytime & Anywhere !

25 April 2008

Feeling vexed and frustrated for missing an Episode or a whole Series of that favourite Local Drama Serial of yours ? Or been waiting for a long time but still there has been no re - runs of THAT particular past Local Drama Serial on television ? Don't worry ! Fret not !

Now u can watch those favourite past Local Drama Serials of yours anytime and at anywhere at the comfort of your computer online even before it is been scheduled for - re - runs on TV ! That's right ! Our local Drama Serial productions has gone through 25 golden long years and u can watch some of the popular household Series all here in one place !

From the early days production of The Flying Fish - 小飞鱼 starring local popular singer Deng Miaohua and Wang Yuqing in 1983 to Zoe Tay rise to fame popular Series - Pretty Faces 三面夏娃 in 1991 , to the production that made Li Nanxing and Zoe Tay as the gambling kings and Queens of Caldcott Hill - The Unbeatables Series 双天至尊 that spun 3 Series in total - in 1993 , 1996 and in 2002 !

And many more such as still yet to be re- run Series such as 解连环 in 1996 starring Fann Wong 陌生人 in 1999 starring Hongkong Golden Horse Actor Alex Man and Christopher Lee !

So , now u no longer need to get so frustrated at having missed an Episode of that popular Serial of yours or u unable to watch the Series that is being re - run on TV anymore ! Catch up on those Episodes u have missed here !

Log on to : to watch them NOW ! Happy Watching & Enjoy !

*Brought To U by : Chen Qingling - A Regular Reviewer for Mediacorp Channel 8 Local Drama Serials at : as well as a former guest reviewer for sgmediaratings for Local Drama Serials Reviews . Episodes Courtesy of .

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