Thursday, February 21, 2013

Two New Current Affairs Shows To Get You Really Talking !

20 February 2013

Are you ready to be heard ? Two Brand New Current Affairs Shows aims to let your voices be heard and wants to get you talking ! Voices TODAY On Mediacorp Channel 5 and 前线开讲 - Frontline Connects on Mediacorp Channel 8 aims to get you doing just that ! 

You may have written in and had your letters published in the VOICES Section of TODAY many times before , or maybe yours were not chosen for print and so your views could not be heard . Regardless , here is your chance to allow your views to be heard loud and clear with anything you wish to say on National TV ! Voices TODAY is a LIVE half an hour discussion show on Mediacorp Channel 5 that allows viewers a platform to air their views on the hottest topics concerning you and most importantly to let your voices be heard !  

Every week , a new topic will be open for discussion and interested viewers can participate by sharing their views via twitter or email . To be hosted by Nicholas Fang and Hazlina Halim , VOICES TODAY Premieres Tomorrow ( Thursday , 21 February 2013 ) on Every Thursdays at 9pm LIVE on Mediacorp Channel 5 ! 

LIVE On Mediacorp Channel 8 , Friday , 22 Feb at 10.30pm

Simiarily , 前线开讲 - Frontline Connects is a Brand new innovative behind the producers of 前线追踪 to allow Singaporeans a chance to share their views on the hottest topics concerning most Singaporeans . In case you might be wondering , 前线开讲 is not to replace 前线追踪 , we understand that 前线开讲 will be shown once a month , on the last Friday of each month . To be hosted by 德明 & 琪琪 , it will Premiere this Friday , 22 February 2013 at 10.30pm To 11.30pm LIVE on Mediacorp Channel 8 !

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Unriddle Mysteries With Asian Television Award Best Actress Rui En This New Year !


The Drama Serial that landed Rui En the Big prize in the recent Asian Television Award will be back on our Television Screens this New Year ! MediaCorp Artiste Rui En won the Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role at this year's Asian Television Awards for her role as Hu Xiaoman in 最火搭档 2 - Unriddle 2 . She was the only Singaporean to win the Best Actress Award in the Asian Television Award this year , besides Michelle Chong who won the Best Comedy Performance Award . 

The first Season of Mediacorp Channel 8 Police Drama Serial 最火搭档 - Unriddle was such a huge success and so well received by many viewers which saw many requests for a Sequel being posted on the Channel 8 Facebook as soon as the first Season ended it's run , mainly also because of how the story had ended in a cliffhanger which has left many viewers guessing . 

The Main Casts , Chen Liping , Rui En , Tay Ping Hui , Joshua Ang , Zhou Ying all return for the second Season with Hu Xiaoman ( Rui En's character ) in particular , taking on a very dramatic change in the Sequel . The 20 Episodes 最火搭档 2 - Unriddle 2 Returns on Wednesday , 2 January 2013 ( Every Tuesday To Saturdays from 12am To 1am ) on Mediacorp Channel 8 ! 

For those who want to catch up on the first Season - 最火搭档 - Unriddle before the Re - Run of 最火搭档 2 - Unriddle 2 can now do so on Toggle .

Friday, May 27, 2011

K歌2击队要和你一起唱翻天 !

Power Duet K歌2击队 may have just ended it's run on TV only just a few days ago ( Tuesday , 24 May 2011 ) but this will not be the last you will get to see or hear them perform for you ! In fact , u will get a chance to hear and see them perform " LIVE " for you as soon as tomorrow in a Mini Concert !

Popular Groups from Mediacorp Channel 8 singing competition 双子座 , 上璇月 , 黑眼圈 , 想 YY , 糖水吧 as well as 心动 will be singing and performing for you in a Mini Concert - "唱翻天" 音乐会 at Bras Basah Complex 百盛楼 Tomorrow ( Saturday , 28 May 2011 ) at 4pm !

Below Are The Promo Trailers for the " 唱翻天 " 音乐会 Mini Concert by :


糖水吧 :


* More Promo Trailers Videos :

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Inaugural《华人星光大道》Wants YOU !

It is popularly known as《超级星光大道》, but after seven highly successful Seasons , Taiwan's most popular singing competition is back with a complete makeover ! This time , with a brand new name and a brand new look , the very same organisers are now looking for aspiring and talented singers , as well as those who have a huge passion in singing here in Singapore to join their inaugural《华人星光大道》competition in an Audition to be held next Sunday !

Your chance to participate in a singing competition of the very highest standards is here ! The chosen ones will get to compete with the best singers from USA and Taiwan , selected from their very own Audition to compete in the competition proper to be held in Taiwan later this year ! If u had failed to make it to the competition proper in previous《超级星光大道》Auditions , u will definitely not want to miss the chance to try making it through this time round .

Audition for the first ever《华人星光大道》will be held next Sunday , 29 May 2011 from 10am onwards at City Square Mall B1 Fountain Square (Next to Farrer Park MRT) .


试镜详情 :

指定场地: City Square Mall, B1 Fountain Square (Next to Farrer Park MRT)

* 试镜报名时间将从当天早上10时开始。

  1. 参赛者必须清唱一首三十秒的拿手流行歌曲,评审会视情况请参赛者演唱其它歌曲。

  2. 现场不提供播放kala以及CD,加分题部分由评审决定参赛者是否必须表演;能歌善舞的选手,请在第一时间秀出最好的表演。

  3. 所有参赛者演唱完毕后,现场将直接公布入围选手,前往台北参加华人星光大道。

* For Full Details , visit :

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Return Of Singing Competition on Our TV Screens !

Missed popular singing competitions such as Campus Superstars & Project Superstars ? Wished that they make a return to our TV Screens again ? Then this upcoming all new singing competition - K2击队》Power Duet is one programme u definitely should not miss !

Power Duet - 《K2击队》will bring back fond memories of those days when u were watching these singing competitions on Channel U . The difference is that now it is no longer just that one person singing on stage and being graded by the judges . If you think Campus Superstars and Project Superstars are already so exciting , make that TWICE the Drama and excitement as this is a Duet competiion where two people will be singing on stage ( instead of one ) and judged upon by their performance .

K2击队》which will see Kelvin Soon 孙文海 of Project Superstars fame make his hosting Debut , consists of a total of twelve Episodes and the fun begins next Tuesday , 1 March 2011 onwards . He will be joined by veteran Hosts Quan Yi Feng 权宜凤 & Lee Teng 李腾 . Roy Li 黎沸辉,吴佳明,林倛玉 & 黄韵仁 will make up the judging panel .

To give you a rough idea of what u can expect in this brand new singing competition on Mediacorp Channel 8 , Mediacorp Artistes such as 莫小玲 ,郑荔芬 ,锺琴,许振榮 , 阿Ben杨志龙 & 李腾 will show you how it is done in the pilot Debut Episode . The actual contestants will take to the stage from the second Episode onwards !


艺人特辑 - 2PM - 莫小玲,郑荔芬 千倍 - 锺琴,许振榮 鼻涕组:阿Ben杨志龙,李腾


预赛 20组当中选出12组参赛者

第六至九集:复赛 12组当中选出4

第十至十一集: 半决 4组当中选出2

第十二集:决 2组当中选出总冠军!

Episode 1 : Celebrities Special Patricia Mok & Michelle Tay, Kym Ng & Dasmond Koh , Ben Yeo & Lee Teng

Episodes 2 - 5 : Preliminary Rounds

12 groups to be chosen from 20

Episodes 6 - 9: Quarter Finals 4 groups to be chosen from 12

Episodes 10 - 11: Semi Finals 2 groups to be chosen from 4

Episode 12 : Grand Finals The Kings of Karaoke will be crowned !

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FIRST : Telecast Details On SPD Charity Show 2011 - 《真情无障爱》 !

You may have seen the commercials which started showing yesterday on Mediacorp Channel 8 where a group of five male Mediacorp Artistes ( Gurmit Singh , Dai Yang Tian etc .. ) were giving a short introduction and description on their performing item as well as the various Donation Hotline Numbers for you to call .

Mediacorp Artistes and foreign Artistes will be performing in this 3 Hours TV Charity Show to raise funds for the physically challenged .

*Catch The SPD Charity Show 2011 LIVE on Sunday , 13 March 2011 at 7pm on Mediacorp Channel 8 ! *

*Encore Telecast on the following Sunday , 20 March 2011 at 3.30pm on Mediacorp Channel 8 ! *

To donate, please call :

1900 112 - 0303 for $5 donation
1900 112 - 1313 for $15 donation
1900 112 - 2323 for $30 donation
1900 112 - 3333 for $100 donation

* An administrative fee of $0.21 will be charged for all calls made . Callers 18 Years and below are to seek parental consent before calling to make a donation . The Donation Hotlines will be open from 17 February 2011 To 23 March 2011 . *

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Now Showing : 小娘惹 On Suria & Hongkong TVB 翡翠台 , 企鹅爸爸 On China CCTV 8 Channel !

February seems to be a rather good month as far as Mediacorp Dramas are concerned , a month which we already see some of our local productions going places both locally and overseas ( to be exact – in China ) .

  • 小娘惹The Little Nyonya Goes To Suria & Hongkong !

After having travelled to most parts of the world since it’s huge success two years ago -小娘惹The Little Nyonya returned to our shores and to our TV Screens with a brand new look . It gets a ‘ new lease of life ‘ with it currently being shown on Primetime in a different language and on a new Timeslot . Since it’s huge success , the 34 Episodes Drama Serial has been dubbed in several different languages to cater to the needs of the many different audiences overseas and it’s dubbed Malay version is currently showing on Suria Channel thrice a week ( Mondays To Wednesdays ) at 7pm !

* Available in dual sound ( Malay & Mandarin ) with English subtitles . *
* Hongkong TVB 翡翠台 will also be showing
小娘惹Beginning this Friday , 18 February 2011 onwards Every Mondays To Fridays at 10.30am ( Singapore Time ) . *

小娘惹making it’s way to China , two of our End of Year productions from two years ago have also successfully followed suit with one currently still showing and the other already having ended it’s run recently .

  • 企鹅爸爸 Daddy At Home Now On China CCTV 8 Channel !
This light-hearted and heartwarming 20 Episodes Family Drama Serial which starred Ah Ge Li Nanxing & Chen Hanwei made it’s TV Premiere not too long ago ( Monday , 7 Feb 2011 ) in China and it is currently still ongoing with two Episodes being shown every night from 10.10pm to 12.10am ( Singapore Time ) on China CCTV 8 Channel . It will end it’s run on China CCTV 8 Channel next Wednesday , 16 February 2011 .

* 企鹅爸爸Daddy At Home Episode 7 & 8 will be shown on CCTV 8 Tonight at 10.10pm ! *

China CCTV 8 Channel TV Schedules for Today ( Thursday , 10 Feb 2011 ) :

  • 当我们同在一起8 Hours Marathon On Shanghai SMG Channel !


The 36 Episodes Mega End of Year Blockbuster Drama Serial which tells the lives of six friends in the 60s was recently shown in China too – on Shanghai SMG TV Channel , with 8 Hours of the Serial being shown each day beginning from CNY Eve ( Wednesday , 2 February 2011 ) onwards and only ending it’s run just recently not too long ago .

* About Shanghai SMG Channel :