Sunday, March 30, 2008

PrimeTime Mediacorp Local Drama Serials Theme Song Album !

30 March 2008

Enjoyed the two Mediacorp Drama Serials Theme Song Albums that Mediacorp had released last year , in celebration of it's 25 Years of Drama Anniversary ? Well , if after listening to the two Albums had left u craving for more , the following will definitely be of very GOOD NEWS for U !

Yes , Certainly Indeed ! Cos , Mediacorp has returned with yet another Drama Serial Theme Song Album just to Thank U - all the fans and viewers for being so supportive of local Drama Serials all these years ! Make no mistake about it ! Those who have been faithfully following locally made Drama Serials have been ' rewarded ' for your hard work and effort ! U will surely love this Album very much , cos this newly released Drama Serial Theme Song Album consists of Theme Songs from Drama Serials that were broadcasted on Channel 8 in recent years , from 2005 all the way till the first half of this year !

Entitled " Huang Jin Zhu Ti Qu ' - 黄金主题曲 , this Album consists of Theme Songs from local Drama Serials such as : Kinship 2 - ' xin jia' by Ah Du , The Golden Path - 黄金路 ( both it's Theme and Sub Theme Songs sung by Mi Lu Bing : 路 & 舍不得 ) The Peak - 最高点 , The Shinning Star - 星闪闪 , Rhapsody In Blue - 蓝色仙人掌 Theme Song - 风铃 sung by Joi Chua , A Million Treasures - 百万宝 , A New Life - 有福 Theme Song 明天的幸福 and Taste of Love 缘之烩 Theme Song of 'ni shi wo de tian kong ' both sung by Ocean Au , Love Conceirge - 爱的掌门人 , Metamorphosis - 破茧而出 Theme Song 斗神 sung by Daren Tan , Like Father , Like Daughter - 宝贝父女兵 Theme Song 自己的幸福 by Diya Tan and currently showing - Just In Singapore - 一房,半厅,一水缸 Theme Song . It also includes Theme Song from the upcoming soon to be shown on Channel 8 Drama Serial - The Truth 谜图 which will make it's Debut starting 7 April 2008 at 9pm !

This is indeed a MUST Buy Album for all local Drama Serial fanatics ! So , grab yours today ! It is now on sale at good music stores islandwide !

* This Album is being sold for $19.90 at AMK Hub Level 2 MJ Mutimedia Music Store . *


AG said...

could you upload the songs to imeem so we could review the songs before we buy? Thanks

mysteryblogger said...

To ag : Here's the link to all the songs from this Album ! Happy listening & Enjoy !

mysteryblogger said...

To ag : Here's the link to Disc 2 of the Album :

Happy listening & Enjoy !

Kang Ming said...

i jux bought the cd and it was worth it i'm now listening to it everyday!!!!!!黄金主题曲 rocks!

Liane said...

hi i've bought the cd already before i saw this post. thks anyway! :D

MT said...

Hey. Any way we can buy individual tracks? Thanks.

MT said...

Hey. Any way we can buy individual tracks? Thanks.